Project Ice Cream

Project Ice Cream is a project that has no budget, all the talent, and all the creativity of a big production….Within reason…..In Theory.


Scripts are Written In House @ WYLION then Performed by actors and actresses filmed in the scope of a theatre piece without Bad student like extras like:


Bad sound

Bad Lighting

Bad Acting….(not in the context of bad meaning good)

Really Bad Direction (Not the post 40 one direction tribute band, the actual thing although both are pretty bad to see)

No Sensibility in Continuity (People Appearing in different clothes, day turning into night etc)

Nobody knowing what they are doing (Reading is Fundamental)

People Rushing around for no real reason

No Schedule 


Now Project Ice Cream is fairly Ambitious

16 Shorts Divided in the following way

Each Short = 20 Mins Running Time

Each Short Has 5 Parts

Resulting in 5 hours and 20mins or 80 4 mins episodes of new stuff

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