Wether You like It Or Not aka WYLION is A Comedy website launched in May 2010 Driven by Fans (We Are That Dedicated) and In House Productions By The MOFO ME Team aka WYLION.

Founded by Jermaine Hurley & Bradley Clark a Bunch of self confessed comic nerds (AND PROUD) that worked together in a Virgin Megastores (We all know how that ended….. No Need for the Slow Motion and Sad Music)  Whether You Like It or Not was our situation and was now our statement to the world, Our Branding, Our Motto and Vision.

Before You Dare to correct us Yes We Have Spelt it Correctly before…… our website is www.wetheryoulikeitornot.com Wether is merely a shorter word that kind of sounds the same and confuses the eye.

A Wether is an English Ram…..RAM is Random Access Memory for computers Random access memory is what we use to write stuff ie Present Moment, Future Plans, Past Experience.

Its online it’s in English and Rams Hit Hard with the intention of breaking through.

I Hate it when People ruin stuff for themselves by using their brain to demystify and correct . Plus we Prefer The Term WYLION as everybody says it differently.

You know What www.WYLION.com Has a better Ring to it…. Use that one instead

PS: To Those People that had that smugness inside their heads Thank You For Being Our Victims we appreciate it.

Our Mission To Make the world Laugh, Cry, Think, Gasp and Sing while bathing in folded money after all is that not the dream!!!

But in order to do that we have to start some where and this is where we are at.

We are currently unfunded however we aim to turn into all of the series below into Web and TV based series via Crowd Funding/Sponsorship/Commissioning.

We Have developed the ideas over 3 Years Originally as a series of graphic novels, but were dared by our peers to aim bigger with these ideas as they would love to see them in action.


The Guys: A Comic Action Sitcom based in London, following The successes and failures (mostly Failures) of a bunch of guys currently with no superpowers taking on a range of sinister groups, life choices, and one liners that will make Hit Girl blush, Batman laugh, and Professor X Have a Headache.


The List: The List is the Life of Bobb The Caretaker of The Milky Way and Inventor of Laziness. The List of things Bobb’s Done, The list of things to do, and the list of employees that make the cast of in what can only be described as the closest thing to the truth.


The Contingency Plan: A Sci-fi Noir set in the aftermath of a Global Nuclear Fallout that leaves only pockets of life. The story starts in the London underground with Gable Jones Emerging from the darkness hoping to find a glimmer of hope.



Message From The Head Writer

Bradley Clark

We did the slightly naive thing of using a casting site, and  advertising for runners all while telling the truth ie we have no money just ideas, structure and know how to make this a reality.

The response has been somewhat surprising and overwhelming…… well considering the fact we didn’t pull any punches with the truth. I was expecting a bunch of performing art students from a local school at best…..Like 5 people with us reusing the same guy in a mustache and glasses.

But when the numbers for both Actors/Actresses and Interns/Runners kept climbing (and are Still Continuing to climb) and people were recommending other people I thought well 75% of these will flake or forget……Some did but then we all have to live with regrets i suppose. The fact that we got over the 25% flake rate terrified me as it means people are actually interested in What we have to say as writers…..

Oh The Pressure……

The Guys & The List Started kind of by accident followed by Contingency Plan as originally we were looking just to make a couple of comics based on what we had on paper for a couple of sketches we had planned for a sketch show called Madhouse; Stupid Superheroes based in real life with no real powers…… not much to begin with we know.

It then grew with the simple notion if they ever got powers what would they have who would they fight and why. It Grew further when we asked ourselves where would they get the powers from? The reasons Why and how their lives would adapt and change. Consequences Repercussions elements of angst and drama and stuff we would like to see in a comic….

After 3 years The Guys were Born, The List was an Idea and Contingency Plan was a Concept. within 3 months everything started to Gush out of us like hemophiliac’s acne. We had 10 Graphic Novels to write panels for The Guys, 5 for The List and 2 for the Contingency Plan a fully functioning website with a mobile web app, and a dream of doing this for a living as we really enjoy writing about cool stuff as well as comedy.

In this day and age Video Editing and getting a project up and running is easy (apparently) but Our aim is to make a army of Power Creatives out of our new motley crew to churn out high quality entertainment within the UK Thats Different New And Exciting!!

Whether its web based, network based or a new format, Our Goal is to get their ideas churning out at a consistent pace both for WYLION and or their own projects when they are ready. After all I need to watch something decent on TV  when i get home too. We always get american programs after the americans with the Current British Shows on TV thats not a soap being few and far between, I mean theres some good stuff currently but older stuff seems more daring and creative, I Want That Line to blur and become Something even better.

Gone are the days of constant surprise, excitement and VHS style Viewing. I Want people deleting old shows of Their TIVO/SKY Boxes, Gorging on New Boxsets that ruin social lives, Prompt Argument in a workplace canteen, and get you excited for just being there. All of the Evil Genius aside I want to create a social beacon that means something, entertains, inspires and creates shows to look forward too and I want these Shows to Be a WYLION Captivation.

Not Much to ask really……

As WYLION’s  Project Leader and Head Writer I welcome you to the madness that will consume you. As well as thank you for taking part.

All the Best

Bradley Clark

Head Writer @ WYLION







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